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Golden lab sitting after dog training


In-Home Behavior Consultations

"When I contacted Maria about our 1-year-old golden retriever/ corgi named Cody & due to his behavior she first recommended the 2-week board in train. However, she was booked for months in advanced & we needed a well-behaved dog, ASAP. We came up with a training schedule where she would come to our home once a week to work with Cody on specific commands & behavioral manners.

We immediately saw the growth in Cody & his desire to learn new commands! Every Monday, Maria would teach us something new, and we would practice throughout the week, and this is where this program will ONLY work if it is consistent with your dog, which we were!

Maria is beyond patient, and her love for animals radiates once she walks through the door. We not only gained a dog trainer out of this but a life long friend for that matter!

Above & beyond Maria! My family & I thank you tremendously."

- Shiu

Dog running in a Hawaiian field


Board & Train

"I have a rescue dog that I adopted from the Nimitz homeless camp. She was brought to me with many issues including dog aggression and separation anxiety. I knew if I didn't get help this dog would bite.
Maria was able to get Nani to follow commands consistently. Nani no longer pulls on the leash and is better socialized. I saw Maria take the time to actually observe Nani's behavior and tailor her instruction to Nani's unique personality and learning style.

Nani is on her way to becoming a rockstar! Mahalo Maria...we love you!!"

- Danielle

Dog in Hawaii waving in the back of a truck


Board & Train

"We are SO impressed with our Border Collie's (Luna) results from her 2-week board and train with Maria Hagood. We highly recommend Island Dog Obedience to anyone looking for training for their pooch.

We had a detailed discussion on all the things that Luna needed work on. We really wanted her to work on off-leash training: heeling, distance commands (distance down, distance sit) and we wanted her to work with Luna on her fear of loud noises.

We can't believe how well Luna behaves off-leash now, with just 2 weeks of training.

We highly recommend Maria to anyone looking to take their dog's training to the next level. She is the real deal! "

- Megan

Dog swimming class in Hawaii


Board & Train

"There's nothing more amazing than finding a trainer than loves your dog as much as you do. Maria is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Her level of commitment and dedication to helping our pup Aila is beyond what we expected from a training program. Aila has been trained and boarded with Maria, as well as done water therapy for her leg she injured a few weeks ago.
From basic obedience to Canine Good Citizen training, she is helping with all our training needs for our dogs. I truly cannot express enough my gratitude for Maria, and could never recommend anyone else. Mahalo!"

- Juniper

Labradoodle sitting by the beach in Hawaii after training


In-Home Behavior Consultations

"Maria was wonderful. She started by calling me promptly after I filled out her request for a consultation. We set up a consultation and she asked what I was looking for and needed--she didn't try to oversell me on her services. (We had just brought over Mochi, our 3-year old Labradoodle, from Seattle and needed to refine her "manners" and get her used to living in a condo.)

What I really like about Maria, besides not trying to oversell me on extra sessions (it only took 2 to accomplish what we wanted), was that she explained not only WHAT we were training Mochi to do, but WHY. This helped me understand our dog's previous behavior that needed correcting.

It was so worth hiring Maria for the extra peace of mind for us and our neighbors. Call her, you won't regret it!"

- Kristie

Rosie Sitting on the grass smiling


Board & Train

"My husband and I are beyond happy with the outcome of our dog Rosie's training! Our dogs breed is very big, our girl is 96 pounds and only 7months old. Her personality is the sweetest but she gets very afraid of basically anything.
We 100% think it was worth the price. Not only are we SO impressed with our Rosie but also with how kind Maria is. She sent us pictures and videos of our girl every to watch the process. We highly recommend her and are so thankful!"

- Natalie

Golden Lab shaking paws with Maria


Board & Train

"The dog that left with Maria 2 weeks ago, vs the dog she brought back are two completely different dogs. Maddie is a high energy puppy, but thanks to Maria’s personalized training, Maddie is much better behaved and eager to please when following commands she learned during the 2-week training.

Maria also goes the extra step to communicate daily training progress with text messages, photos, and videos. Maria listened carefully to our descriptions of Maddie’s bad behavior and designed a training program to correct negative behavior and even managed to satisfy my request to overcome Maddie’s fear of the water.

I strongly recommend Maria and Island Dog Obedience training to anyone interested in addressing issues with their dog. Much Mahalos to Maria!!!"

- Duane

English bulldog laying down after their dog training session


Board & Train

"I wish I could give Maria more than 5 stars! She was exactly what our 1.5-year-old Old English bulldog (Krillan) needed. Maria is kind, knowledgeable, friendly, honest, & accommodating.

After the two weeks he was a brand new dog. The system Maria uses is very effective! The behavioral issues were corrected. She managed to address all of our concerns (& more). Krillan no longer pulls on his leash, he actually walks with no leash sometimes & he listens well, he doesn't chew on anything, and he doesn't jump on people.

I highly recommend Maria to all my friends & family. You can tell she's passionate about what she does, and also very professional.

We definitely can't thank you enough, Maria!! & Krillan says he misses you!!"

- LC

Smiling puppy during his training


Board & Train

"We recently adopted a dog from the shelter and had no idea what we were getting into. After weeks of Woody biting us, we were desperate for some help. We were over the moon when we found Maria. She was so kind, and we could tell that she really cared about our dog right away. We decided on the 2-week board and train.

During that time, Maria sent us video and picture updates to keep us in the loop. We were shocked by how quickly he was learning. Once the 2 weeks were over, Woody's behavior did a 180. Not only was he not biting, but he was trained on all of the basics. Maria individualized the training for Woody, to make sure he was getting what he needed. Now, we have peace of mind knowing that we can have guests over to our home, but also that we can enjoy outings together with our pup. We would recommend Maria to anyone. She was the absolute best!"

- Emily

Mango sitting under a tree in Hawaii


In-Home Behavior Consultations

"Maria is an excellent and knowledgeable dog trainer. She helped with my high-maintenance Labradoodle Mango. Mango is the cutest pup but would constantly pull on the leash, jump on people and display bad behavior at home by constantly stealing food from the kitchen counter.

With a gentle and patient approach, Maria modified his behavior and gave me plenty of tips and tricks for the future. I highly recommend Maria to everyone."

- Lia

Puppy Lili sitting on the Hawaiian shore


In-Home Behavior Consultations

"Maria was amazing with my puppy, Lili. I would definitely spend the money again and again for her to train my dog. I highly recommend Maria as your trainer! I've trained my dogs before with group classes and private training but the results are immediate and better when you let a pro like Maria handle it for you. I will do it again with my future dogs and I would highly recommend using Maria Hagood.

Thank you again, Maria!!!"

- James

Puppy sitting on leash during her dog training


In-Home Behavior Consultations

"If your dog has any issue, I'm totally confident Island Dog Obedience has your solution. Six weeks ago today I adopted a sweet little dog with a BIG confinement issue. In the first 3 weeks, she escaped or chewed holes in 3 different kennels.

Learning the basic commands has given Pua more confidence and control over her behavior in the kennel and without a doubt, strengthened the bond between us. They taught me how to make the new kennel a more friendly place

Maria stayed in constant touch, asking how things were going and answering my many questions

Maria and Island Dog Obedience gave me the opportunity to save the precious life of my little Pua and thereby improving my own life. I am very grateful. Thank you!"

- Judy

puppy sitting on the lawn with leash

Boston Terrier

In-Home Behavior Consultations

"As parents to be, my husband and I have been concerned about how our hyper-energetic 2-year-old Boston Terrier will adjust to having a human brother. He was always barking when people come to the house, jumping, pulling on the leash, and disobeying his Mommy and Daddy.

Maria came to our house a few days later to meet our puppy, and observe his behavior. We then came up with a 5 session in-home obedience training plan that was individually personalized for our puppy's specific needs.

Thanks to Maria's personalized training plan for our growing family, my husband and I feel much more confident and at ease about our puppy's manners when his baby brother arrives! "

- Christie S.

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