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One-On-One Specialized Board & Train

Our board & train program incorporates our intimate understanding of your animal’s breed along with his or her specific personality and learning style. Our techniques lay the foundation for good behavior and allow you to build upon that foundation while strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

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2-Week Training

Our 2-week board & train program is perfect for new puppy parents looking to provide both on-leash and leash free obedience training at the beach, at the mall/stores, on hikes, around other dogs and people.

During the two weeks, we also focus on correcting minor behavioral issues such as leash reactivity, chewing on shoes, nipping, counter surfing, mild social and situational anxiety, confidence building, and more.
Your pup will stay in the comfort of one of our Pro Trainer’s home (no facility). Individualized attention will help your dog thrive and learn. Our trainers take only up to 2-3 Board&Train students max, this way your pup will have at least 6-8 hours of daily training. 

2 Week Board&Train starts at
$2,675 + GE tax and equipment needed
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$50 consultation fee (can be applied towards Board & Train)
Pro Trainer comes to you to evaluate your pup along with another dog to test for reactivity. This way, we can create the most accurate training plan for you/your pup and answer any questions you might have

4-Week Training

Best for dogs with major anxiety, phobias, or reactivity, our extended 4-week board and train program focuses on correcting negative behavioral issues. These issues can include minor dog and human aggression as well as social or post-trauma anxiety.

We also focus on reinforcing positive behavior and command comprehension. Teaching your pup how to be on their best behavior along with understanding and obeying basic to intermediate commands. 

TRAINING STARTS AT $5,350 +  general excise tax
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$50 consultation fee (can be applied towards Board & Train)

What To Expect

Because every dog’s needs are different, we create a custom training program specifically designed for your pup. During our phone consultation, we will discuss the behavioral adjustments you are looking for and put together the perfect training plan for your furry baby.

Please note, if further information is needed or, a more in-depth consultation is necessary, we may request an on-site consultation so we can have some one-on-one time with your pup. We do this in order to ensure the best possible lesson plan and outcome.

We want you to be as confident in our process as we are. To help us with this, please be as descriptive as possible when scheduling your consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your pup!

Post Graduation Monthly Membership

A great opportunity for graduates of our Board & Train program to continue practicing basic obedience commands. This membership creates a supportive community with trainers and fellow graduate/ well-behaved pups. Have a dog trainer with you for the rest of your puppy’s life to help maintain the extensive training.

Monthly Membership $29.99/mo

Graduate Bandana

All graduates of our Board & Train program that sign up for our monthly membership will receive an Island Dog Obedience Graduate bandana!

Virtual Consultations

Monthly 15 min virtual consultations with a professional trainer will ensure that your dog improves its skill development over time and maintains its good behavior.

Monthly Pack Walks

Pack walks are an opportunity to expose your dog to other dogs safely and work your dog. Dog owners can socialize with each other. The dogs will be in structured walk/heel.

Check out our FAQ's

What Is Included In Your Board & Train Package?

While we focus on your dog’s specific behavior needs and learning style, the emphasis areas during our training are on the accompanying list.

We believe that all dogs are unique and, because of this, our teaching style must adapt with each pup we work with to ensure long-lasting results.

  • Leash Walking Obedience
  • Dog or Human Aggression
  • Anxious Behavior
  • Hole Digging
  • Obsessive Barking
  • Fence Fighting
  • Jumping On Counter
  • Confidence Building
  • Separation Anxiety
  • House Destroying
  • Destroying Of Kennel
  • Socialization And Playtime
  • Lots Of love

Can you teach my dog to follow commands leash free?

It all depends on your dog, however, we do pride ourselves on helping your dog understand the difference between being on the leash and off-leash as well as how to act under both circumstances.

Teaching leash free commands come standard with the 2-week Board & Train. We expose your dog to a variety of different environments and test the obedience commands for optimal results.

Can you help with anxious dogs?

Instilling confidence in anxious dogs is one of our specialties! We generally recommend at least 2 weeks of Board and Training. Depending on the reasoning for their anxiety, some dogs take longer then others to break out of their shell.

Can you help with reactive dogs?

We can create a training program that can lower your dog’s reactivity to different stimulus. For severe human and dog reactivity, we recommend at least 3 weeks Board & Train for the best possible outcome. Aggression can’t be fixed but your dog’s level of reactivity can be lowered to a minimum

Do you provide service dog training?

The service dog test is referred to as the Canine Good Citizens Test. We offer training services to prepare your pup for the test and even provide the test to get your dog certified.

Can you help me with my dog's nipping, jumping and chewing?

Of course! We provide obedience training for all corrective behavior. This includes nipping, biting, jumping, chewing, barking, digging, and all other bad behaviors that may need correcting.

Do you offer puppy training?

We love all puppies, however, we do require that the pup is at least 5 months old before beginning our training and has all of his/her shots.

Can you teach my dog to walk properly on the leash, without pulling?

Teaching your dog on-leash behavior is one of our most asked for services. Because of this, we include it standard with all of our trainees.