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Behavior Consultations In Your Own Home

If your animal needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, in-home behavior consultations are the perfect option for you. Sessions are done in your home or a place of your choosing, with personalized plans to fit your and your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. Everything from teaching your dog to swim in your pool or to go along safely with your horses to providing confidence when taking your dog out in public places.

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Training Details

Your pup’s training potentials are only limited by your imagination! At Island Dog Obedience, we can teach your dog anything from swimming in your pool to running alongside you and your horses.

During our on-location training, we also train your dog to accompany you safely in public places, so you don’t have to worry about taking your pup out of the house into risky situations.

Every dog is different and unique. Therefore, we specialize in customizing Your pup’s training program to fit their specific needs in Your environment (no training facility, your neighborhood, your beach, your park, your favorite shopping mall etc.)! We offer tailored programs for both Minor and Major Behavior Modifications. 

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The lesson package’s total amount is due at the start of the first lesson. A trainer will come to you once every two weeks to conduct one lesson at a time.

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Our Training Types



Pro Trainer comes to you or you come to our facility to evaluate your pup along with another dog to test for reactivity and possible resource guarding. This way, we can create the most accurate training plan for you/your pup and answer any questions you might have

Duration: 30 minutes

Pricing: $50.00



Everything you need to know about your puppy (potty training/fear period/oral fixation), we discuss any goals or issues you might have, show you the tools to use and get you going with commands, all in the comfort of your own home

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $130



Individualized training tailored to your dog in your environment (home, park, beach etc.). Every dog has different needs and requires a different approach. Let us help you with your best fur-friend

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $155

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The lesson package’s total amount is due at the start of the first lesson. A trainer will come to you once every two weeks to conduct one lesson at a time.

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Our Lesson Packages

    $20 SAVINGS
    $80 SAVINGS
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The lesson package’s total amount is due at the start of the first lesson. A trainer will come to you once every two weeks to conduct one lesson at a time.

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What are Major & Minor Behavior Modifications?

Minor Vs. Major Behavior Modifications

Minor Behavior Modifications

  • My dog jumps on everyone
  • My dog pulls on the leash
  • My dog doesn’t come when I call
  • My dog doesn’t sit and stay
  • My dog barks a lot
  • My dog chews on everything
  • My dog continually barks and howls when I leave the home

Major Behavior Modifications

  • My dog growls and lunges at strangers/ other dogs
  • My dog has bitten me/family/friends/strangers before where it has drawn blood
  • My dog has bitten another dog
  • My dog growls at me or lunges at me when I try to move him off something (like furniture)
  • My dog guards his food/kennel/toys so I or another dog can’t get to it
  • My dog is unpredictable at times in crowded public areas

Major Behavior Modification Instructions

If you feel that your dog may need Major Behavioral Modifications based on the descriptions above or if you are simply unsure of how your dog may react to strangers or other dogs, we will require you to muzzle condition your dog before meeting an Island Dog Obedience Trainer and proceeding with any training program. Please see the video links below on the step-by-step process of how to purchase the right muzzle along with how to condition your dog properly. Keep in mind that muzzle conditioning takes an average of 2-4 weeks to properly condition your dog to the muzzle.

Please measure your dog’s snout and purchase the fitting Baskerville muzzle. Then condition your dog to the muzzle so he is comfortable wearing it for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Please subscribe and view the following videos, just copy the link and put it in your Google Search box, you can skip the commercials on YouTube.

How to measure your dog for a muzzle and muzzle condition:

Dog with muzzle onMake sure the dog has two flat collars – one to secure the muzzle and one to attach the 15 ft leash. Without the first one, the dog can easily take off the muzzle.

After you have successfully muzzle conditioned your dog for safety purposes and choose to continue with an Island Dog Obedience training program it will be required that a trainer meets you and your dog in person for a 30minute consult.

There is a high level of commitment required by the owner(s) of a dog who needs Major Behavioral Modifications, therefore any dog(s) who require Major Behavioral Modification training are considered ineligible for any Board and Train program that Island Dog Obedience offers.

For all dogs considered to need Major Behavioral Modifications, we require owners to commit to a minimum of an 8-lesson package program and require that owners sign a waiver that acknowledges expectations and understanding that training must be consistently maintained by said owner(s), or the dog will easily regress back in behavior or escalate into more severe issues.

There is no fix to aggression but we can give you the tools to communicate better with your dogs. We teach you to have a new relationship dynamic with structure, boundaries, rules as well as accountability. As a result, your dogs can make better choices and look at you for guidance rather than reacting.


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What To Expect

Because every dog’s needs are different, we create a custom training program specifically designed for your pup. During our phone consultation, we will discuss the behavioral adjustments you are looking for and put together the perfect training plan for your furry baby.

Please note, if further information is needed or, a more in-depth consultation is necessary, we may request an on-site consultation so we can have some one-on-one time with your pup. We do this in order to ensure the best possible lesson plan and outcome.

We want you to be as confident in our process as we are. To help us with this, please be as descriptive as possible when scheduling your consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your pup!

Check out our FAQ's

What Is Included In Your Consultation Trainings?

While we focus on your dog’s specific behavior needs and learning style, the emphasis areas during our training are on the accompanying list.

We believe that all dogs are unique and, because of this, our teaching style must adapt with each pup we work with to ensure long-lasting results.

  • Leash Walking Obedience
  • Dog or Human Aggression
  • Anxious Behavior
  • Hole Digging
  • Obsessive Barking
  • Fence Fighting
  • Jumping On Counter
  • Confidence Building
  • Separation Anxiety
  • House Destroying
  • Destroying Of Kennel
  • Socialization And Playtime
  • Lots Of love

Can you teach my dog to follow commands leash free?

It all depends on your dog, however, we do pride ourselves on helping your dog understand the difference between being on the leash and off-leash as well as how to act under both circumstances.

Teaching leash free commands come standard with the 2-week Board & Train. We expose your dog to a variety of different environments and test the obedience commands for optimal results.

Can you help with reactive dogs?

We can create a training program that can lower your dog’s reactivity to different stimulus. For severe human and dog reactivity, we recommend at least 3 weeks Board & Train for the best possible outcome. Aggression can’t be fixed but your dog’s level of reactivity can be lowered to a minimum

Can you help with anxious dogs?

Instilling confidence in anxious dogs is one of our specialties! We generally recommend at least 2 weeks of Board and Training. Depending on the level of their anxiety, some dogs take longer getting used to different situations and lowering their reactivity.

Do you provide service dog training?

The service dog test is referred to as the Canine Good Citizens Test. We offer training services to prepare your pup for the test and even provide the test to get your dog certified.

Can you help me with my dog's nipping, jumping and chewing?

Of course! We provide obedience training for all corrective behavior. This includes nipping, biting, jumping, chewing, barking, digging, and all other bad behaviors that may need correcting.

Do you offer puppy training?

We love all puppies, however, we do require that the pup is at least 5 months old before beginning our training and has all of his/her shots and vaccinations.

Can you teach my dog to walk properly on the leash, without pulling?

Proper on-leash behavior is one of our most requested services and comes standard with the Board & Train program.