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Training Placement Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in training options with Island Dog Obedience.

If you are interested in our services please fill out the questions below and text us back the answers or email them to if you prefer.

Once we receive your submitted responses then a head trainer will call you to discuss your dog’s behaviors and possible training programsĀ  šŸ¾

All consultation assessments will be evaluated by a head trainer in Kapolei to ensure that your dog is placed into the appropriate program.

Is dog fixed (spayed or neutered)?(Required)
Owner Details(Required)
How is your dog with strangers approaching?
(opening and closing their mouth)
Has your dog ever bitten a human or drawn blood on a human?(Required)
Do you have any scars on your body from consistent nipping/bitting from your dog?(Required)
Has your dog ever met other dogs before?(Required)
Would you consider your dog aggressive towards other dogs?(Required)
(showing teeth, snapping, biting or drawn blood)
Would you consider your dog reactive (barking or lunging) to other dogs?(Required)
(showing teeth, snapping, biting or drawn blood)
Do you have other dogs in the home?(Required)
Is your dog crate trained?(Required)
Does your dog sleep in a kennel at night?(Required)
Does your dog have separation anxiety?(Required)
Is your dog allowed on furniture?(Required)
Are you interested in in-home lessons?(Required)
Are you interested in our Board and Train program?(Required)
Does your dog guard toys, treats or any of its owners?(Required)